Monday, November 26, 2012

Pretty man 漂亮的男人


Pretty man

"Do I look completely ugly today?"
"No! Why?"
"Do I look like a bad guy?"
"Of course not! Why?"
"Well, I couldn't find a place to sit down to have my dinner except that little seat opposite to that man. And you know what, when that two ladies sitting next to us go away, that funny man suddenly shift himself away. I wanted to go to somewhere else immediately you know?"
"Because I don't want to show respect to such people any more! But unfortunately, I just couldn't find one single place to go."
"Oh, maybe you shouldn't do that! Maybe he felt more comfortable moving away."
"You know, he is a man. A man would ever do that? Oh! Maybe I'm wrong. He is not a man, he is a pretty man. Yes! He's a pretty man."
"Pretty man?"
"Yes, pretty man, who must dress up a lot, look into the mirror a lot, train his tone a lot, shop a lot, act like a gentleman a lot, listen to music a lot and dating with girls a lot. Oh! Monsters! People get hurt, pretty man becomes pretty."

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