Saturday, June 22, 2013

Take a photo of our feeling

Someday when I was walking in the campus, a fresh memory for no reason just come to my mind, reminding me of the days when I first stepping into this campus, when I was so excited about this brand new place, etc and etc. At that very moment, which just lasted for a few seconds, I was so happy, and was like this was really the first time I came to this place.

Sometimes we take photos to try to catch those treasurable moments in our lives. Although I still take photos these days, I seldom take a look at those photos. For me, most of the times those photos only remind us with what happened, but they don't really remind us of how we actually feel at those moments, like what I described above. It would be much more valuable if our feeling can also be freezed somewhere in the digital world, and we can access them whenever we want.

At least I can think of one good thing about this freezing. A couple live together for many years may lost their sense of favour, or love, towards each other. Sometimes couples try hard to grasp the memory of their first met or first kiss just to remember themselves how much they like each other at the beginning, but they failed. They took a lot of photos to remember those happy hours, but some of them still ended up divorces. Try to think of if feeling can be captured, stored, and instantly accessed, there will be no more difficulty for couples to recall their feeling how much they love each other. Would that be great?

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